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        Conservation – restoration of stained glass panels in the Losseau House in Mons

We have been entrusted with the restoration of the stained glass panels as well as a cameo glass set by Daum.


These ‘art nouveau’ stained glass panels date from the beginning of the 20th century.
Some of them have already been restored in the past, while others seem to be entirely original.
These stained glass panels are in a relatively good state, although some of the lead has been affected. There are several broken panes and the stained glass is not rigid enough, which is a problem when such panels are used for ceiling light.
Given the overall state, the aim of the conservation – restoration treatment is intended to improve the legibility and stability of the stained glass panels.
The few affected lead segments have been replaced.
These stained glass panels have been cleaned and re-puttied.

The set of cameo glass by Daum shows no alteration, other than e very extensive deposit of dirt on both sides. This dirt changes the appearance completely.
The cleaning was carried out using demineralised water with a neutral detergent on both sides. This treatment was repeated 3 times in order to obtain a satisfactory result.

Set before cleaning

Set before cle
Set after restoration

Glass calibre ½ cleaned