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Conservation – restoration of stained-glass panel owned by the Charleroi glass museum.

This set of 6 stained-glass panel, in a style between art nouveau and art deco, was acquired by the glass museum, which entrusted me with the task of restoring it.
These stained-glass panels were inspired by a model from a catalogue intended for master glassmakers.
These model catalogues were very common at the end of 19th century to the beginning of the 20th. There were such catalogues for fireplaces, ironworks, balconies, stained-glass, etc.
The model for this stained-glass panel comes from the catalogue:
Lehner, Jos. u. Mader,Ed : Neue glasmelereien und
Kunstverglasungen im modernen
Stil, Serie1, Wien/Leipzig 1905

This stained-glass panel is in a relatively good state. Apart from some minor previous interventions, it has not undergone restoration.
Most of the (glass and lead) elements seem to be original.

Stained-glass panel in the frame, before treatment.
The conservation – restoration of the 6 stained-glass panels consisted mainly of cleaning, gluing some broken pieces of glass and replacing some affected lead segments.
- The stained-glass panels were then put back in the original frame.
This set is on show at the glass museum in Charleroi.


Le modèle de ce vitrail provient du catalogue

Lehner, Jos. u. Mader,Ed :   Neue glasmelereien und

                                    Kunstverglasungen im modernen

                                    Stil, Serie1, Wien/Leipzig 1905

Stained-glass panel: before removal


Stained-glass panel before treatment


Detail: broken and patchy calibre


Installed stained glass