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De steps of the conservation - restoration.

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Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady– 16th century stained glass in the choir

This stained glass ensemble comprising three lancet windows was restored between 1992 and 1993.

Below is a description of the stained glass from the lancet window on the right.
The various treatments are illustrated and located on the plan.

I. Analysis of the stained glass before treatment and location of the damaged glass on the restoration plan
1. Multiple cracks.
2. Simple cracks.
4. Stopgap: glass glued with putty.
5. Glass calibre too small.
6. Inadequate glass calibre.
The grisaille work is in good condition.

II: Ongoing restoration work

Photo 1: state of conservation after removing the lead came.

Photo 2: state of conservation after removing inadequate black glass calibre.

Photo 1: State of conservation after mechanical cleaning (cutter and fibreglass) to remove all impurities (putty and traces
              of paint, etc.) from the glass calibres.
              Each section is cleaned and wiped with acetone.

Photo 2: collage and infilling with resin.

III Restored stained glass window and location of the treatment on the plan.
1. Multiple collages.
3. Removal of mending lead and sealing with resin.
3a. Removal of mending lead and collage.
4. Capping with resin.
Re–loading the entire stained-glass piece.