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De l'art déco au contemporain

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As part of a construction project for a service residence, the client ordered the removal of all the stained glass decorating a house in Art Deco style situated in Berchem-Ste-Agathe (Brussels).

This house had been demolished to enable the construction of the service residence.
All the stained glass has been conserved and restored in order to integrate it into the new buildings.
This stained glass has been integrated into the service residence in a very original manner.
The stained glass from the veranda has been incorporated into the ceiling and used as a partition in the reception room.
A glass roof (formerly, a collection of stained glass ceilings) has been suspended vertically in the great Hall. Other stained glass (old stained glass used as an overhead panel) has been fitted in the "aquarium" stained glass cabinets. This stained glass was integrated harmoniously and with panache into a contemporary structure.                                                                  

Stained glass incorporated into the ceiling


Stained glass used as a partition in the reception room


Stained glass fitted into the "aquarium" cabinets




Suspended glass roof