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Sgraffito or stained glass?

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                                 Decorative glass elements fixed onto a facade.

The owner of a row house situated in Ganshoren has asked us to restorate these rare glassmade decorative elements, reminiscing stained glass or sgraffito.

After a first examination we realised it was none of the above.
The artwork is composed of different glasses, which are painted on their rear face and assembled with putty.

Unfortunately the glass pieces were in too poor a state to be repaired.
Any restoration-conservation attempt would have been utopic.
This work has been therefore reconstituted to the image of it’s original.



Altération des éléments décoratifs.


Découpe des nouveaux calibres de verre.


Pose des éléments décoratifs.


Pose des éléments décoratifs.


Détail - 1 élément.


Façade après la pose des éléments décoratifs.